Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little White and Blue

A year before my Grandmother passed, she called me over to her house one day to give me a plate. Over the years she had given me plenty of kitchen items so I was quite shocked to see the plate she had ready for me. My wonderful Grandmother knew how much I loved white and blue pieces and wanted to make sure that this was in my possession. I asked her about the plate and how she came to have such a piece of delicate treasure. She let me know that it was her Great Grandmother's and Grandfather's wedding dish set. This was around the 1890s and sadly only this one plate has survived. When I look at the plate, though, it makes me wonder about the life that these long ago relatives had led. Someday, I hope to find out.


Monica said...

Pretty. I love things like that. Espcially when you know the story behind it. :)

Maria Rose said...

What a treasure!


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