Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Side and the Other

Out our front window.

The first rain of the season came yesterday later in the afternoon, bringing that sweet earthy smell more deeply into my lungs. Ahhh... refreshing. It is still a bit chilly out, so there were a few fears of "Will it turn to snow?". Luckily, no.
Maybe this means winter is officially over? Of course it is with the calendar, but in MT, that doesn't mean a whole lot! It has been known to snow in summer, and usually people around here get too excited for Spring and the warmer days ahead that they cannot contain themselves, and start setting up their outside patios and cushions galore. Funny story... one time a few years ago, I heard one of the newscasters on a local channel say (and this was in May) that she waited a few weeks into the nice weather with patience for the promise that snow would not show up. Well, the very next day after she had spent all afternoon the day before planting in her garden and cleaning, and setting out her Summer gear, it snowed for a couple days. Ha!
My time?? If you can wait until Memorial Weekend, you should be good to go.
Back to the rain... hearing it lightly whispering on the window pains was such a wonderful sound. It has been so long to have those sights and smells. Yes, it has been a very loooong Winter for me, so I am truly ready for the change in Season. Maybe that will help with changes in myself as well?

Out the back door.

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Christina said...

Hope the sun comes out soon and the snow waits until next year! :)


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