Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Love From My Little Man

It's back to just me and Fritz Monday through Friday. The Hubs finally got another job after three months of no work. It is unfortunately two hours away, but hey, it's money. I do feel very blessed that I am able to spend so much quality time with my little man and I have many plans for hours and hours to be spent outside as this will be the first summer that he can really discover the wonders of nature.
Fritz will be two in a few short months, and I keep thinking to myself that time has just gotten too fast for us to really hold on to it. So I want to focus on that this summer, to just take those moments and really get to know my little guy even better. His personality is coming through more and more each day and I am so happy in my thinking that I have something to do with how he will turn out in this world.
Here's to motherhood!


Monica said...

So sweet! The outdoors is definatly super fun.

..... Carmen said...

That's wonderful about the work - will he commute to and from home that distance every day? I'm so looking forward to the summer too and spending time with my kids. They seem to grow up so fast!


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