Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At 2 am...

Photo found here

In a deep, fast sleep, gun fire was rattling my closed eyes open. Blinking fast in the darkness, I realized white light was flashing through the drawn curtained windows. The walls around me started shaking, and I could hear the glass dishes clinking together in the kitchen.
Finding my way through the early morning hours I peered out the back window to an amazing show of lighting. High up in the sky completely covered in clouds, there were no strikes, just color illuminating the blackness.
Again a loud boom raced through our home leaving the walls shaking once more. Then again. Finally after an hour, off in the distance the lights flashing had faded from view. Of course, I had to stay up late into the hour watching the show. I am after all, a weather girl... lover of all storms.


..... Carmen said...

Every now and then we'll get quite the lightning and thunderstorm up here as well - I always have to stop and watch :)

Monica said...

I love a good lightning show. I wish we would have had that instead of our stupid snow!


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