Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-Easy to do With the Sniffles

I have 42 total bracelets made, and I am hoping that by the middle of June for the craft show, I can have at least 75.
Reminds me a little of something that a bride would wear?

Hmmm... this scarf is actually a pink color, but looks a bit dull in this photo. I am working on a brand new crochet project that I hope to finish some by next week. We'll see if it's a knack for me, or something for the toss pile.
Hopefully it will turn out good and that it can be something crochet-wise that I can sell during the summer time craft fairs. A scarf might not be ideal to sell when it's 90 degrees outside!


Monica said...

If I was a bride, I would wear that bracelet for sure! It is very pretty!

Maria Rose said...

Lovely, lovely, lvoely


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