Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-It's In The Bag

I knew I needed something cute to pack my crafts in when they are purchased, so I wanted to find something cheap and plain that I could dress up to my liking. And here it is....ta da! I scrambled around looking for my yet-unopened-packed-from-the-move box of crafts, to find my stamps and ink. Luckily the color of ink that I wanted to use was one of the few that I have that had not dried up!
Next big news.... one of my secret new projects that I tried out and loved has been completed! Below are two flower brooches that I was quite thrilled with on completion. I'm hoping to make different styles and colors and make them versatile enough that they can be used as pins or headbands or whatever!

Sadly with having so many other crafting projects going on this week, I was only able to make three new bracelets. Here are two with the direct below one my favorite from this week. Hmm... I might need to add this to my pile!

Have a crafty week!


..... Carmen said...

I just love your bracelets, and your ability at crochet makes me envious. I have some boots I'd love to make up for Aidan, but just don't have the skill to tackle it.

Monica said...

Have to agree with Carmen! Your bracelets are so pretty! And I wish I could crochet...or do anything creative! :)

Maria Rose said...

Must have a brooch! Will buy!

Anonymous said...

Those little bags are lovely! And I do like the bracelets, too. You're so talented, Robin!

Anonymous said...

Aaak! My comment was gobbled by Blogger. You're so talented, Robin. I just love those little bags. Nice idea. Details are everything.


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