Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Ice Tea, How I Have Missed You

Taking advantage of the first few days of really warm weather, I just had to get the love back on from my favorite summer drink. No lemonade for this girl here! My father and I have been known to go through two gallons in one day, we like it that much. Although, I do believe I have a wee bit of an allergy to it (thanks to my Mom-she is really allergic to tea. As in, not even suppose to touch the tea bags kinda allergic).

The first couple of times that I drink ice tea for the new season, I become sick to my stomach for a day or two. I put up with it year, after year just for that cool, crisp taste. Complaining often during the winter months for the lack of sun tea, my Aunt clued me in a few weeks ago that there is such a gadget as to brew sun tea in the house!!! Oh my, oh my!!!! I never knew such wonders existed and will have to shop around for one for the next snow months later on this year!

P.S. Please note to any and all who drink sun tea this way.... sugar and lemon... g r o s s

1 comment:

Monica said...

I love ice tea, too! But I also love lemonade...mix the two together! YUM! :)


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