Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Sides to the Same Storm

On one of our "out and abouts" we thought we might be chancing it a little too much with what the sky was looking like. It was later in the evening, and we still wanted to go for a little walk for the day, so off we went to a little fishing pond that has a nature trail following around the pond and a little farther away. With protection of umbrellas ready to pop out and cover our heads, we walked fast (I ended up jogging for a little bit-haven't done that in years!) to avoid a down pour.
The pond that we were at is maybe 3 miles from our house and the storm clouds could be seen for many miles more. This was going to be one massive weather night for sure! After our 15 minute quick nature walk, we loaded back up into the car expecting to be pelted with rain by the time we reached home, however, to my not so much delight, the rain did not arrive until a couple hours later as we were drifting off to sleep!

It's funny to me how such an amazing cloud covered sky of darkness can threaten most people to thoughts of sudden doom and cowering inside, but not me. If any of you have noticed a pattern of my blog posting, there is much weather action going on. Yep, if I could be, I would be one of those "storm chasers" driving fast after a tornado to get that perfect shot, or standing in an open field surrounded by lightning with my camera ready to go. I remember as a younger girl my Mother yelling at me quite often to get back inside when the thunder was getting too loud and the lightning too close. Oh, how I would beg to stay outside!


jane said...

hi robin! thanks for visiting. you have such a lovely blog. these images are stunning. will be back. cheers-jane

Lisa said...

Oh man, it's been raining off and on here for a week now. I had to get out of the house today and took a chance with the weather. I got caught in a little rain--but the trail I was on had a lot of tree coverage so only a drizzle got through.
Nice pictures of the storm clouds!


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