Friday, August 14, 2009

Bubbly For Us!

Great news!!! We bought a house today!

It all started last night as I was looking online at listings. I noticed one that had just came on the market yesterday, and I knew...just knew that was the one. I called our agent to see if we could see it today, and since the Hubs was over working in the town that we were looking for a house in, I knew that he would be able to look at it too. Of course Fritz wasn't excited about the drive as it is two hours away, but I reassured him that if this was the one, it would be worth it.
We got there right on time and were very surprised with the awesome view that the house has of the city. Quiet neighborhood, views, a nice house....perfect! A half hour later we knew that we could not pass this one up. We put in a bid an hour later, and twenty minutes after we got home our agent called with the good news! I am so relieved that the search is over, but now the real fun begins (a.k.a. more stress with now the actual moving).
We have plans already for updates and things we want to change and buy, and I am sure it will be awhile before my brain will shut up enough for me to fall asleep tonight!
P.S. Notice the gorgeous roses in the picture? Yep, the Hubs. He was sweet this week, and came home with them to surprise me one evening!


..... Carmen said...

Wooohoo! Congrats! We bought our home within two hours of seeing it as well :) Sometimes you have to jump when you know it's the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Robin I am so excited for you! That is just wonderful news. I really hope to own my very own place some day! And your recent scarf is just beautiful, too!


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