Thursday, August 13, 2009

There She Snores!

My sweet Melba. Ahh, sometimes she could wake the dead with the racket that comes from her sleeping peacefully. Peacefully not, however, for others around. I giggle with delight at the fact that my cat snores, and any time she does, I stop and listen.
Do your animals do any crazy sounds when they are sleeping?


Christina Lowry said...

Ha! So cute and funny! Our dog Odin runs in his sleep and makes tiny little 'woof' sounds. Our cat doesn't snore, but he does get a rumble of a purrr going at times. I'd love to know what they were dreaming about. :)

Maria Rose said...

Love the pose!

Ophelia, my cat has wheezing boogs when she sleeps. Bumblebee will whine, bark, run in her sleep. Mia is a perfect lady when she sleeps. We run the gamut here.

..... Carmen said...

I love the positions that cats sleep in - lol. Look like she's very relaxed! Clifford will bark and run in his sleep :)


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