Monday, August 3, 2009

In Color

On the walk that Fritz and I took the other day, I couldn't help but notice all the wonderful colors surrounding us. I love this about the world, how in different seasons, all you have to do is take a peak to see pallets of colors swirling around. Even in the white of winter there is much to see.
Here is a Bed and Breakfast hotel. I have always wanted to stay in one of these, and before we move away from this town I hope to give this one a go. It is listed on the National Historic Registry, and is such a darling house. I really enjoyed how much the landscaping gave privacy to this house on a busy street.

It truly thrilled and amazed me to see this tree with it's gorgeous deep red leaves. I walked upon it and smiled when I noticed these tiny green leaves mixed in. The green leaves looked lonely, as they were the only ones mixed in with the red. Makes them seem more important somehow.

I have seen this house before, and always take a moment longer to stare at the wonderful use of color that the owners have given to the outside. How brave for them to not go the traditional way. Actually, there are quite a few houses here that seem to be done like this. Across the street from my Grandparents old house, was one painted in vibrant purples. Of course my Grandfather shook his head at this, but I found it fascinating. Houses painted like this are saying to the world, I will not conform.


Maria Rose said...

Good eye, I noticed some of the two tone trees too! Love them.

robert said...

How wonderful. Spending three decades in the North of Germany, before moving to Athens, allowed me to see seasons change.
Over here it's much concrete and asphalt...thank you for sharing those 'much needed' colours.


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