Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I received my application in the mail today for the festival next month! AND... I finished four (3.5) scarfs today! The .5 is because I need to add more fringe to one that is not pictured as I did not have enough to finish.


The first one below is a local schools colors. I hope that I can do two or three more like this as the school is in the town where the festival is.

Another blood red color one, and for some reason my camera still hates this color. This picture was the only one that somewhat resembled the actual color. The red is not as bright as the picture is showing.

Next is a soft blue with twinges of light green mixed in.

Since the application will be in the post tomorrow, now I really feel the pressure of completing my goal of 50. I am up to 37 so I am pretty confidant that I will make it, but the goal was to complete two smaller blankets as well. The blankets might be the difficult part!


Sassy Scribbles said...

they all look sooo good! looks warm and soft! You know, you inspired me to learn how to do crochet,I'm not that good yet, my hook tears up the yarn ^^ ... but it does help me relax after work or on the weekends when I have extra time, every "stitch" is like unwinding, so I do hope to get better at it.

Maria Rose said...

Oh you're going to make it. Good luck, they're looking good!


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