Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Many Ideas

Blah, plain, and boring all came to mind when I first viewed our new house. No character, no stamp that says "I'm a cool house". So many thoughts and ideas are running around in my mind as to how to make the front of the house more appealing. I would love to add either a bay window or a balcony over the largest (living room) window, and maybe an awning over the front door. And definitely a new color to spice things up.

I find myself thinking constantly about the changes that I want to make on the outside and inside, and I can't hardly wait to get started. It's a love affair. If I could, I would make a career out of flipping houses. Turning beauty out of ugly. Ahhh...


..... Carmen said...

My first thought was to paint the door and or the house (is it vinyl siding?). A paint job always does wonders (not to mention, I love painting). Or, you could add on a front porch coming off where the door is (I also love front porches). My preferences are shining through. You're right, remodelling a house would be so much fun! Lucky you!

robert said...

Just as an engraver, who sees the beauty hidden in the stone, I guess you see many things as well.
Would like to see the house after its 'sculpture' has been freed.

Maria Rose said...

YAY! You've got a place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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