Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

Ahhh... to finish a new scarf. I am quite in love with this one. It is 3/4s gray and then 1/4 pink. What can I say? I'm a funky kinda gal. I have started a new one, and here's hoping that I can finish it by next week!

At the National Gem & Mineral show this past weekend, I also scored some new beads. Some (real) purple amethyst and lapis lazuli, along with some aqua colored glass ones. I am so excited to make necklaces out of these! Now, it's just finding that extra time to do so.

But I did have to pass on all of these... Boo.


..... Carmen said...

Look at all those beads! I never commented on your last post, but the fish out of rock were amazing, and I laughed seeing them posted with your blog title :)

Maria Rose said...

I like your funky scarf. Now tell me, do you have an entire room dedicated to all of the scarf making? When is the big sale?


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