Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Water Boy

It was Hot, Hot, Hot! on Saturday, so Mommy and Daddy busted out my little pool for me to take a dip and cool off. They kept telling me that they wished it was bigger so they could cool off with me too!

I even had my own private jacuzzi bubbles! Daddy was playing with me and squirting me with the hose, until I stole it from him to have all to myself.

I got tired of sitting in the water, as the hose was much more fun to play with then water that didn't really go any where. Mommy didn't let me play long, 'cause she said my teeth were chattering too much from the cold water coming from the hose. I got pretty mad at her for wrapping me up in a towel and taking me back inside. She did promise that the next warm day we have, I can come out and play again!
Fritz signing off.....
P.S. Sunday was crappy and rainy all day. I had hoped so much to play with the hose again, but now I have to wait!!


Sassy Scribbles said...

he's really cute! ^^ ... Don't they make bigger inflatable pools for adults like us??? but I bet we wont look as cute!

Maria Rose said...

He's so freaking adorable!


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