Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Ride

People in this town are serious about riding bikes. Of course you see the summer time riders, or the University riders, but they are so serious about it that you can often see them in the dead of winter on slick, iced roads going for a spin.
I used to love to ride a bike. I received my first adult bike when I was around ten. And that was only because my older sister had one, so I had to get one just like hers (duh!). After a few years of riding it, I knew it wasn't the one for me. A couple of years later, my parents bought me a mountain bike that I used until a few years ago. In the tiny place that my husband and I live in, there was never any kind of good storage for a bike. So outside it stayed. Poor little bike. It didn't take well to all the different kinds of weather. One snowy day, I saw foot tracks that led up to my bike. The culprit then walked my bike about two feet, dropped it and left. It was too crappy to even have been stolen!
Now I have dreams of owning one again. There will be plenty of storage at the new place and open roads galore surrounding us. I can't wait!
Side note.... I am muti-talented on a bike. I can read a book and pedal at the same time. No wrecks on my record!


Sassy Scribbles said...

oh you must!!!

Maria Rose said...

Are you going to revamp your tired mountain bike?

Monica said...

But can you read and ride your bike while pulling a baby behind you? This will be your real test! But seriously, that will be so cool for you to be able to ride again! Wish I had a good place to go, I'd ride too!

..... Carmen said...

I laughed at Monica's note :) I'm impressed you can pedal and read a book! It's hard enough for some people to walk and read!


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