Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy for Flowers

Usually every summer I go all out with my deck. Potted flowers and plants galore! I would love it when coming from a hard day of work, pretty colors would welcome me home.

Different sizes and shapes of pots would be in every crevice and corner of our front deck. I would have up to 10 or more trailing the stairs and sitting on a kitchen rack by the front door, and various other spots. However, this summer I decided to go with a less is more attitude. There are only four!

With this summer being so crazy busy, I knew it would be better for me to go on a simple flower plan. These pictures are from a few years before when I spent a peaceful day planting to my hearts content. Next year will definitely be one to go all crazy again!


Christina Lowry said...

You will have so much more fun when you are decking out a new house and garden with flowers! Then there are the weeds to contend with... but it is worth it!

PS. Do you think Fritz will change his mind about the ravioli? :)

Sassy Scribbles said...

plants and flowers are refreshing! They sure do brighten up our day!

Maria Rose said...

Flowers make a huge difference!

..... Carmen said...

I too love flowers in my garden and in pots. The first couple years with Grace things kind of went by the wayside. But I've had so much fun this third year with her planting flowers :) It's great when you have a little helper that likes to dig!


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