Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I'm back on track. Well really under a time crunch, so I am forcing myself to be on track. I have 33 finished scarves, but only have a little under two months to finish my goal of 50 before the festival in September.

The above one I had fun doing. I started it this morning, and finished at 10:30 tonight! No, I did not work on it all day. But the yarn I was using is so easy to work with that I can go quite fast. It may have taken only a little over an hour to do, but it seems longer when you stop and start! I loved mixing up the colors and making it look a little funky. That's my style!

This one I finished yesterday. I had started this one two weeks ago, but all of the house buying 'to-do's' got in the way to finish it on a timely manner. My goal for the next week's update is to have two more done, as next weekend we will be gone again for an awesome rock and gem show and to look at houses to buy!

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

You're getting there!

Good luck on your house hunting!


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