Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I had a busy craft week. Finished two scarves and two paintings! But, since I will be gone from home for a couple of days over the holiday, I won't have time to do anything until much later. Oh, well.
It's funny how different light can make pictures have strange colors. The two scarves have the same color of olive green yarn, but they look completely different.

The two paintings that I did were simple, just color ones. I didn't want anything busy or fancy... just beautiful colors.

The above one is for my bathroom. It was to match a ceramic plate that I bought at a festival picturing horses. I wanted to use the same colors in the plate for the painting, and hanging up on the wall, it fits and looks perfect in there.
The purple one below was for our bedroom to put in front of a mirror to hide the reflection of cords. Our bedroom has accents of green and purple, but the painting is actually black and purple. Again, how funny for the camera to capture a different color?!

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..... Carmen said...

Busy lady! Love it all :) Fritz must have taken long naps this week ;)


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