Friday, July 17, 2009

Good News and a Fun Weeknd Ahead

Fritz and Chase. Aren't their feet so cute?

We got back from the bank with smiles on our faces as we were approved for a great loan to buy a house! Such a relief!

Although, Fritz didn't have quite the lovely day. He had to be dragged to the Doc's office for his one year check up and shots. Poor boy. But, he did get to have a play date with his buddy Chase while we were away. So hopefully he forgot about his ucky morning!
Tomorrow we are off to visit some friends for the weekend, and dropping off Fritz to spend some time with Gradmee and Grandpee.
Have a great couple of days everybody!


Christina Lowry said...

Poor Fritz, needles are never much fun. Hope he has forgotten about it now!

Congratulations on the bank visit. How exciting to be buying a new house soon. Let us know when you have found one!! :)

Maria Rose said...



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