Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Past Weekend

We had a lovely time visiting some friends this past weekend. We dropped Fritz off at my parents house then headed two hours from my hometown to where this couple lives. My husband has always wanted to visit this town, and now that we know people who live there, why not?
We enjoyed a nice adult night out on the town. A wonderful dinner and then beers at a couple of different hot spots.

A wonderful park that was shaded with lovely old trees to block out some of the heat of the day.

A fish hatchery with HUGE fish. This guy looks small, but trust me, all the fish were enormous!

We also were able to tour the local Air Force base, as my friend's husband is in the Air Force. The neat thing about going there was that even though my husband and his family are from a different state-Idaho-my husband's brother use to work at this exact base! And to make it even weirder... the husband of my friend who works here, and the brother of mine (he no longer is in the military) both were/are in the same job!

The best part, was hanging out and chatting up with lots of laughter and great stories. Here's to fun weekends with good friends!

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Sassy Scribbles said...

'sounds like great fun! Glad you enjoyed your past weekend, hope you enjoy the coming ones too!


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