Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poor Boo

My middle cat/child had a vet appointment this morning for some dental cleaning/misc stuff, so him in tow along with Fritz, we headed off very early this morning to drop him off. A few hours later the vet called to tell me that his blood work came back with low white blood counts. He should be fine, but is on antibiotics for a week. Hopefully when they check him again next week, he will be better. But now he has to put up with me almost sitting on him to shove the dropper-thingy in his mouth for medicine. Hmmm... I wonder how long he will be mad at me??


Sassy Scribbles said...

oh dont worry after a week he'll be friends with you again, it's for his own good. ^-^

Christina Lowry said...

Poor Kitty. It's no fun giving them medicine, but if you are the one feeding him he will forgive super quick! I know Seth does. You can accidently step on him, lock him in a room, have children chasing after him, take a ball of yarn off him and all you have to do is feed him and he will be a happy, purring Kitty who wants to sit on your lap. I'm sure your Kitty will be soon too. :)

Maria Rose said...

Yeah giving medicine to cats just sucks.

..... Carmen said...

It's awful trying to give an animal medicine... are there tricks for cats like there are with dogs to make it easier? My parents always hid the dogs pills in hotdogs - lol. As for George, gosh he made the whole weekend worth it! He's amazing :) He's been to Alberta a couple of times now - was just playing in Calgary over Stampede week. Next time you should make a trip up :) It would be worth the drive!


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