Monday, July 27, 2009

How Many...

...boxes will it take to pack all of my books? This bookcase is done , but I have so many more to go!

Slowly I am packing more things that aren't needed for some time. The house is now feeling a bit lonely. But only lonely to us, as we are so use to organized clutter. Our house has never been a clutter disaster, but rather just too many things scattered around a small space. Secretly, I am liking it a little more bare than usual.
This Friday we will be looking at a few houses to potentially purchase, and I keep thinking about all the new cool things that we could buy to fill the larger space up with. Now, though, I am liking this minimal appearance so much, why not continue that idea with the new place? Let's call it simplistic elegance. Yeah, I like that.


Maria Rose said...

I had something like 20 boxes of books when we moved and that was after several purges. Good luck to you!

jane said...

i love decluttering. i walk around asking everyone if the can feel the positive energy...:) happy house hunting!


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