Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yellow Roses in Memories

Yellow roses have always been my absolute favorite, and I think because of this particular bush.

This is the rose bush behind my parents house. I remember waiting excitedly for spring and summer to come so I could watch them bloom and then become dizzy with their sweet fragrant smell.

When I was younger the rose bush was shorter than me, and now it is stunning in its enormous size. I believe it is over (or about) twenty years old? I hope at the new house, of course that is when we get it, that I will be able to get a clipping and start my own.
My mother did this with a clematis that my late Grandmother had growing at her house. When my Grandparent's house was sold, I tried to take a clipping of the clematis too, however it did not make the long thousand mile drive back to Boise, Idaho where I was living at the time. Luckily, it survived at my parents house, and now they have a wonderful purple flower blooming in their yard every year since. I did however, get one beautiful picture of the wondrous flowers, and have it still framed for me to look at. Maybe I can try again with the clippings next spring. Lets hope that this time I can have those growing in my yard for more wonderful memories in the years to come.


Maria Rose said...

When we visit my great grandma in Gillette we always have to take a look at a particular tree that my Mom planted when she was a little girl. It's giant now!

Sassy Scribbles said...

those are indeed lovely! It's a shame that I've only seen planted roses in farms that produces only ONE stalk per plant and not a bush like this! Perhaps it's the climate where I live that we don't grow such, you're so lucky! ^^

Christina Lowry said...

Gorgeous roses! I hope a cutting will work. It sounds like a wonderful idea. :)


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