Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Love of a New Purse

After my low-self esteem day yesterday, I decided that I needed a little retail therapy. I know that shopping is not the way to go to solve problems, but I couldn't help it when I saw this beauty. I had needed to find a pair of shoes to go with the outfit that I am planning on wearing this weekend, so Fritz and I headed off to shop. I know that I will see lots of people that I only see every couple of years this weekend, so of course I want to look somewhat good. Hence, the self esteem issues yesterday.
Post-pregnancy, my body is still being mean to me. I had a really good month last month and have lost (and kept off) five pounds, but nothing more. It just doesn't seem enough. I didn't have a terribly hard pregnancy, however, I had serious issues with food. I didn't have nausea all the time, I just couldn't eat or find anything that sounded or smelled good to eat. I was told by my doctor not to work out so that I could save any calories that I gained that day. At the end of the pregnancy, I had only gained 12 pounds. I have never in my life had problems gaining weight until the time I was suppose to!
And then.... after Fritz was born it felt as if I had been starving completely for the nine months and had to make up for it. Plus the non-working-staying-at-home-new-mother-one-income-semi-depression, hounded me into some form of weird happiness with food. I'm still at the weight that I was when I had Fritz, but now that the body has changed from the stretchy belly, I can't seem to get rid of it! My legs are getting smaller, but sadly I have been forced to buy a bigger size pants just to fit the tummy! Then of course the legs are soooo baggy I look ridiculous. Man! That feels better getting that all off my mind.
Even though I know I don't look my best, at least now I will have a damn fine new purse to show off. Oh! And I did find the shoes too. ;)


Christina Lowry said...

Your purse is gorgeous and so are you! More shoes?! You are making me jealous. You know that, don't you?!

My body has changed too since having Cohen and I'm starving all the time too, but I blame breastfeeding for that one!

I know about going to one wage too. It's worth it to be with bubba, but it is hard to adjust and a bit stressful at times too.

You will look your best. It is just a different best after babies! I hope you are feeling better. We do all have these days if that helps. :)

Maria Rose said...

Where are you headed this weekend?

Robin said...

Maria... To Harlo! Too bad you can't come, if you had stayed it would have been your ten year reunion, right?


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