Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Love of a Good Cup

It was a coffee day yesterday. I hadn't had any home-brewed for awhile, so out came my favorite cup from my favorite coffee place. Unluckily for me, Montana does not have Moxie Java coffee here. When I lived in Boise, ID, it was my "place" to grab an awesome cup 'o joe. One of the last times that the Hubs and I visited I had to buy this beautiful tall orange cup as a memento of times past.
The second favorite part of the experience was the actual coffee. I can make do with any brand but my all time love is from down south. Waaay down south. My best friend/sister (not blood related) is from Bogota, Colombia S.A. She was and exchange student that came to live with my family when we were seniors in High School. We have kept in touch over the years and I miss her like crazy! (love you Cris... T.Q.M.) A summer ago, a work colleague of hers had a sister that was going to work in Yellowstone National park for a few months. This girl needed a place to stay before and after her season working for a couple of nights. I was happy to oblige as I love meeting new people. We welcomed our home to her and now have another friend to add to see on visits to Bogota. This wonderfully spirited young woman brought us many packages of fresh Juan Valdez Colombian coffee. Now, of course you can buy some in the stores but usually these have traveled very slowly over many miles so their taste is something to be lacking (still decent thought). The packages that we received seem to be much "fresher" in their deliscious smell and taste. Ahhh... exquisite!
Sadly, however, I am running very low on that special coffee. Maybe only a few more pots of coffee can be made, but I will enjoy every last drop!

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Christina Lowry said...

We don't have that kind of coffee here, but is sounds good! I am rather partial to a flat white when out, or just a simple instant coffee when at home, as long as it is Moconna! :)


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