Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of The Dancing Balloon

Mommy and Daddy went shopping around to a few stores yesterday. Not to buy anything but to get prices for some new appliances, and of course they had to drag me around! But the fun was just in store for me (pun intended people). When we got to the Home Depot they had balloons there for the kiddies! I don't really know what a balloon is, but it was bright, pretty, and it danced up high in the air! I had so much fun pulling on the string seeing the balloon go up and down, up and down. Of course I had to whack Mommy in the face a couple of times too. If my hair is going to be frizzy because of that weird electricity thing, then darn-it! So was hers!!!

Thanks Mommy and Daddy... I like my new toy. But, um... how come it isn't dancing anymore?

That's all folks...Fritz signing off.

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