Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I finally finished the cream scarf! It felt so good to get that one done as it took two weeks. I didn't work on it that much (other things to do) but it's done and in the box with all of the others. I did make and complete one more. I found some wonderful thick, soft yarn on sale at a local store last week. I only wish I had picked up more of it. I got some dark blue as well as the purple, but haven't figured out yet what to do with it. I still have to decide on the colors for the next one I will make. Hopefully I can make two this week. (Fingers crossed)


Christina Lowry said...

The cream scarf looks great! How did you learn to crochet like that?

Two scarves in one week!? Sigh. I have been working on two knitted scarves for like the last 3months! One of them is on really thick needles too, and is like knitting with crayons! Hmmm, I am inspired, I will have to try and finish them! :)

Maria Rose said...

Beautiful. The cream scarf looks good enough to eat. Seriously, it made me want vanilla ice cream, but that may just be the pregnancy too.


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