Friday, April 10, 2009

'Tis the Season...

...For awesome fruit smoothies! Making these in the Winter time is just plain no fun-ners, but once the weather starts getting nicer, mmmm... tasty!
The Hubs and I make these quite a bit for a snack or breakfast/lunch thing. Our favorite is strawberry banana. It's best with fresh fruit but more expensive. When the grocery store has frozen fruit on sale (for pie making-I don't bake) I grab those up.
My most tasty recipe is two bananas, one small cup of plain yogurt, a bit of apple juice and lots of strawberries. It is also really good with a mixed berry combo. Blackberries are a nice treat!
I'm off to enjoy!

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Christina Lowry said...

Yum yum... Happy Easter! :)


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