Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of "Is There Something On My Face??"

Mommy got me some new treats to help me learn how to eat "big people" food.
They are pretty tasty, well, when I get them in my mouth I mean!

Mmmm... I'm gonna have to ask her for some more tomorrow I think!

P.S. Like my hair in this one? Mommy called it a mow-hawk I think?
Hmmm.. I wonder what that is?
See ya next week folks!
Fritz-signing off...


Anonymous said...

That bottom photo is priceless! Adorable!

Maria Rose said...

Nice! Sam used to get that Mohawk too. If you looked really closely the hair would pulsate from the still open soft spot...freaked me out.

Robin said...

That is just plain gross Maria. I was picturing that and now I am freaked out too!


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