Monday, April 20, 2009

Ducks 'n Snow

This was the tree out our office room window last week for hopefully the last storm of the season. It was a very strange snow/rain storm that even left a few limbs from trees across town down and out. But very beautiful after all was said and done. I chose to capture the tree in black and white as the dark limbs look mystical against the pure white snow. I love when trees have so much weight on them that the natural droop is dream-like. Sad however, when they break. Such is nature I guess.

The funny part in all of this was, the ducks! These ducky friends pretty much live around our neighborhood all year long. We have seen them in all seasons never leaving. Mostly just in groups of two but on Christmas day past, I counted around 25 sitting in the street (in the snow). The laughing bit was after that storm last week, watching the poor little duckies trying to walk in the new, high, wet snow! Hop... hop... crash. Hop... stop... look around-check your bearings... hop... hop. They looked like bunny rabbits having a very fun day playing around. Sad, poor little duckies! Luckily the duck with only one "leg" wasn't around. I feel bad for that little one knowing that she has such a hard time getting around. I have seen her here for the past three years and every time I do see her I am very surprised that she is still hopping along!

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Sassy Scribbles said...

haha silly ducks! don't they go migrate when it's cold? or are they the geese?..hmmn..i think they are modern duckies, 'can stand the cold now!

'hope your weather goes better! ^-^


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