Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Beautiful Day

The sun was shining in all of its wonderful glory and the birds were chirping a sweet happy song. With this start of Earth Day, I couldn't resist taking Fritz on a walk. We headed out to discover some new neighborhoods and marveled at how fast the grass was turning green. Below is a picture of a long sidewalk that we took on our adventure. Now if only the trees would hurry up to match the grass!

This is a strange building that is close to where we live. I loved how the clear blue sky complemented the strangeness of the roof. This building is now a daycare center but I am not sure what it used to be? With these angles a church comes to mind.

Later that evening when the sun was finally setting on a perfect Earth Day, my entrance way was caught in the most golden of hues. Sadly our front door blocked half of the picture in shadows, but the orange yellow glow was just too delightful not to pass up without taking a picture.

Still later... In the last few minutes before the sun said goodnight, the trees out our front were slowly waving goodbye in a slight breeze that refreshed the staleness of the last bits of winter air.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! So happy you got some sunshine & green grass is always so hopeful.

Maria Rose said...

Beautiful, I miss spring in Montana!


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