Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday morning, a friend of mine called to tell me that she had heard from her husband (who I believe works with the Sheriffs office? - Sorry if that is wrong S) who was currently at our Park at a house that is near to us. This friend had told me that she had (also) read on the Internet that a husband had killed his wife and that was why my friends husband was in our location. The house that this happened in is next to our communal mailboxes that my son and I walk to almost daily to retrieve our mail. I was freaked out quite a bit as not the day before at around the same time that the incident occurred, Fritz and I had been at the boxes on our way home from a beautiful walk, peaceful and at all ease. It's crazy to me to think that in less than twenty four hours time it wouldn't feel that way.
We live in a small town compared to the rest of the U.S. Only about 30,000 annual residents. Crime like this does not happen that often here. We of course are not immune to any sort of crime, it's to be expected anywhere where a person might live. It just always seems to happen somewhere farther away. I don't feel unsafe in my house that we have lived in for nearly six years, nor will I in the future, as I do realize the fact that it doesn't really matter where you live, things can and do happen anywhere.
The part that bugs me the most is that what if this had happened when Fritz and I had been at the mailboxes again on the day of the shooting? I like to go in the mornings when the air is fresher and sweeter so it would have been perfect timing, but (luckily, I guess) the weather was not so nice for us that morning. It started to rain before we awoke for the day, and slowly turned into snow that lasted until this morning. But what if it hadn't been such crappy weather? That's what bugs me, the "what if?". However, that is life isn't it? Just one big "what if?".

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