Monday, April 6, 2009

A Gift For Mamma Fish

ShellyFish from Musings From The Fishbowl had a wonderful idea for her Mum's 60th Birthday. She wanted to make it a special occasion for the milestone so she came up with The 60-Day Project. This is a project where some bloggers and ShellyFish got together to send Mamma Fish handmade and/or non-handmade presents. They are coming from the United States, Canada and Europe. What a special way to celebrate 60 years! And what an awesome daughter to think of something completely unique and wonderful for her mother!
I wanted to partake in this event and thought I could send one of the scarves (pictured below) that I have made for the festival this fall. I love giving these away! A person can always go to a store and find a lovely "store-bought" scarf, but handmade ones to me, are so much better. I also included in the gift some Huckleberry Tea. Montana is big on Huckleberry things. We have chocolate bars, taffy, coffee and about anything that you could think of. So delicious! Lastly I added a postcard picturing the Gallatin Valley and the Bridger Mountains that I can peer at through my window every day. I wanted to find a picture of the actual town that we live in as it is breathtaking below the mountains, but I couldn't find one. When I saw the one above it was so simple and pretty, and I thought to myself "That is how Montana is to me".
The present is in the post and on its way to Mamma Fish. I hope she likes it and all the goodies she has been and will be receiving. Happy 60th Birthday to her!


..... Carmen said...

Beautiful! I got mine off to Mama Fish last week :) She will have lots of goodies arriving to her doorstep soon!

Maria Rose said...

Mine goes in the mail tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Robin, this scarf is just beautiful! I'm so behind on my blog reading - and I'm finally catching up!
My mother called me this morning and said she hasn't taken off that scarf since she opened your lovely package! (It's suddenly dropped back down in the 30s so great timing!). She also just loved the tea and postcard. You're a fantastic gift-giver!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet gift package! I love the idea of sending things that represent your state. Lovely baby blue scarf, btw.

reneejaninemc said...

Thank you so much for the scarf and the tea, and the most beautiful post card. I love to crochet baby afghans. The colors are so much fun, and the yarn is so soft. Baby blue is one of my favorite colors, and it was so cold the day it arrived, I just wrapped it around my neck and left it on. I've never tasted huckleberry before, but I loved it. Tea and a warm scarf on a cold night...perfect! My heart is filled with joy at your thoughtfulness. Love, Mamafish


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