Saturday, June 27, 2009

Added to the Art Collection

Yeah, I'm a tattoo kinda gal. This is my fourth addition to my body art. Now I don't ever see myself as one completely covered (or even close to it), but I do have plans to have a few more. I still need/want to get the little feet prints that Fritz got on the day he was born, and a few other that are in the works in my mind.

The pic above is of the one that I got done today. It is of two African Violets and scroll work that I designed myself. The violets are because my Grandmother always had these growing in her house and I love how fragile and precious the real ones always look. The bottom three scrolls are for my other Grandparents that have both been deceased for quite sometime and their son, my Uncle, who is also passed. The top two are for my late Grandmother and my Grandfather (whom is still living). That's why the bottom scroll on the top is different from all the others as he is still living and it will not be changed until (hopefully) years from now.


Sassy Scribbles said...

wow! you're sooo cool! I've always wanted to get one but I'm ... hehe quite afraid of needles! I've been watching Miami Ink on MTV to get more convincing power!haha ...maybe I'll start with a teeny-tiny swirl of words on my foot...(still not so soon) ^-^ you're one super cool mom!

Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful! I have been just jonezing for a new one for the past two years...but they're so expensive. I have 4, but there are 2 more that I have all ready in my mind & drawn...but just need the tattoo fairy to bring me some ink!

..... Carmen said...

Oooh you are braver than I. I've had my nose pierced but that's as far as I could go. I like the idea of Fritz's feet, and the symbolism behind your latest design :)

Maria Rose said...

I love tattoos with meaning! Quite beautiful.


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