Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Good and the Bad

On our nature walks, for the most part, we have been lucky in finding paths that are big enough to take Fritz and his stroller. That is until this one...

Not so good trail.

We got to the first bridge (that were steps) and realized that the stroller was just not going to make it any further. It is a stroller made for rougher roads, but this tiny foot path was too small. We do have plans to go back sometime to finish the hike, but we definitely will be taking our Baby Bjorn carrier next time!
After turning around so soon after we had started out, we decided to find a different path. I knew of one that is a bike lover trail as it is 11 miles to a lake and very wide. I had been on it once almost 10 years ago and could remember some of the trail. I knew that it would be big enough to finish out the day with the stroller!

Much, much better trail.

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Maria Rose said...

I love hiking, I am surprised that you can find lots of stroller sfriendly trails.


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