Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Scarves to Choose From For the Giveaway!

Here are some more scarves for you all to choose from for whomever wins the giveaway! I had needed to take pics of all the ones that are completed (not all of them are on here-sorry) so it was a good reason to finally get that checked off my 'to do' list! If you haven't already, don't forget to enter in the giveaway!
My camera does not like colors very well, so on some I will let it be known what colors the scarves actually are. Some won't need an explanation as they turned up perfect in the pic.
This one below is a darker cranberry color. Thick fuzzy yarn. Very warm.

Pink/purple-ish color below. Not bright, though.

Hot pink and lime green. Thick fuzzy yarn. One of my favorite ones!

Skinny long scarf with the fuzzy warm yarn.

Soft yellow/purple/medium blue with orange-pink color. This yarn is very soft and fuzzy. Good for really cold days.

Lilac purple smaller scarf with peep holes.

This scarf is actually a blood red color. Very rich and pretty, but it does not look like it in this pic! Also, it is the thick fuzzy yarn best for colder temps.


..... Carmen said...


Sassy Scribbles said...

they all look sooo soft, warm and pretty! you did a good job!

jane said...

i love love love the lilac. thanks robin! wish i could knit... it took me a year to finish one scarf... happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow they are all GORGEOUS!!

Maria Rose said...

Yikes lady you've been on a scarf rampage. They look great.


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