Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I'm starting a new scarf! After taking a three week break from scarf making, I decided it was time to start up again. It did help that I found some awesome new yarn. Below is my favorite kind of yarn. It is thick and fuzzy and very warm. This is a new color that they have out so of course I had to grab some of it! It's a darker olive green, and oh so, so lovely. I love this olive/sage-y color. I love green! Any kind of green. Seriously. I might have a small problem with the color actually. In fact some of my living room walls are almost the same exact color!!

I will have a painting for the update next week as when I re-painted my bathroom I realized that we did not have any wall art for the new color scheme. So, I decided that I will just paint one instead of trying to buy one! And I have to get it done as we have cousins from out of state arriving for the Birthday celebration for Fritz next Wednesday (HE'S TURNING ONE!!!!!).


Maria Rose said...

I can't believe he is turning one!

..... Carmen said...

Wow one! How are you feeling about that? I found Grace turning one was quite emotional for me. The scarf colour is lovely :) Can't wait to see the painting!


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