Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Us-Part Two

Last weekend, when Fritz was away to play with Grandmee and Grandpee, the Hubs and I took advantage of the baby-free hours and had a few dates. On that Friday night, we went to a movie that we had both been very eager to see, and of course had to get the yummy movie popcorn. It was so nice to go to an actual movie place to see it happen on the big screen, but the bad part was finding out the movie place had raised their rates since the last time we had been there when Fritz was a newborn. FYI... taking a newborn to a movie was actually quite easy as ours fell right to sleep and stayed that way! However, we would not dare to do that now.
The next morning we tried to sleep in and did accomplish not getting out of bed until around 10 am, but we had been awake on and off for quite awhile as the house was eerily quiet without having Fritz there. We had plans to go to an awesome breakfast place but decided that Mexican food sounded much better. I had told the Hubs that this should be a weekend where we try new food places other than our usual. So off we headed to our downtown for an awesome little eatery that has a fabulous out door patio, perfect for people watching.

We had a lovely quiet lunch, as when we arrived there were only two other tables filled. For a few moments we were the only ones there, but as it got closer to noon, the place filled up really quickly.

After lunch we headed over to some stores to get supplies for a couple of updates that we have on our 'to sell' list. We are still planning on moving in a few months to a different town, and I knew it would behove us to freshen up our place as much as possible to hopefully get it to sell quicker. I had planned on a lot of out door work, but unfortunately the weather decided against that. I have plans to start that stuff tomorrow, as long as those pesky rain clouds stay away for one weekend!
After the store trips, we headed home to start a few of those projects. I had gotten some paint to redo our bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We have lived here for 6 years and this was the fourth time I had done painting in the bathroom! Never again in this house!!!

After we got cleaned up nice and pretty, we took ourselves to a very nice/expensive restaurant downtown. Some close friends of ours had moved away a year ago and had given us a gift certificate of theirs to this place. This was the first fancy schmancy place that the Hubs and I had eaten at together. The food was absolutely delicious, the service was exceptional (and um, the waiter was, um, quite hot too-wink, wink) and we had a lovely, lovely dinner.
The next morning we did more house things, and I was still painting the bathroom and didn't want Fritz to have to smell it when he got home, so my parents were happy enough to keep him one more night. That Monday I drove over to pick him up and was so glad to give him a big hug as I missed him terribly.
I know it will be awhile before the Hubs and I can have another adult weekend like this. And although we cherish and love our little boy dearly, it was very refreshing to have a weekend free to pop in the car and go somewhere without having to make plans with a baby. I do wish that we can have a few days together again to just be with each other and not have to have other projects going, and I am sure it will happen some time down the road. Hopefully, though, we will not have to wait a year again!


Christina Lowry said...

I know what you mean, you love bubba to bits, but you still need time together as a couple minus the baby!

When hubby got home from work today I handed him the baby. Cohen had been grizzling all day and I needed a break! He is at that age too where he doesn't want to let you out of his sight.

A day away sounds nice...

Maria Rose said...

I am sure your parents would be happy to oblige.

Sassy Scribbles said...

'sounds really nice! You guys deserve some time to be alone together...Fritz wont mind to know mum and dad are gone for a date! ^^


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