Friday, June 5, 2009

Bits of Orange

Another thing that I love about living in Montana is the beautiful sunsets we have here. I realize that most parts of the world have breathtaking colors as the sun sets for the day, but for some reason they feel more special to me here. Last week we had a huge cloud filled evening that absorbed every last bit of light the clouds could find. From minute to minute it is such a wonderment how the colors in view can change drastically.
Here are two pictures from last week that I was able to capture. Notice the tiny white dot in the second picture. I was surprised with my little digital camera that I could actually catch the moon too!
I remember a time when I was younger where I first fell in serious love with the evening light during the great Yellowstone fire in 1988. My hometown is close to Yellowstone but still a couple of hundred miles away from the main part of where the fire was at, but I can still see and smell the smoke in the air that had drifted our way. Even though it was such a horrible fire, the sunsets that came of it were those of a dream land. So vivid and rich in the colors with the deep pinks floating in the fluffy clouds, the iris purple hiding the sun, and the golden orange hues stretching out to fill the rest of the sky.
One night in particular, I rode my bike up to the top of the little hill behind our house (our house was on the edge of town) and just sat there staring at the sky. I had my little 110 camera and took a picture of that once in a lifetime sunset. I still have that picture floating around somewhere, but I have never needed to look at it to refresh my mind as it is still completely captured in my memory.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Maria Rose said...

We had a fire in Missoula while Eric and I were living there and the sunsets were amazing!


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