Monday, June 15, 2009

Sundays with Fritz- (Yeah, I Know It's Monday) The Case of the Cabinet Destroyer

Hi all! I know it's Monday, sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday on my usual day, but I was with Grandpee and Grandmee all weekend long! I had so much fun with them that they let me stay an extra day!

So anyway, on to the post. Mommy was doing the dishes and putting things away in the cabinets so I wanted to help her out. She didn't realize that the door was open to where all of my goodies are hidden. Luckily it was at the perfect height for me to find everything. Once Mommy noticed me having some fun throwing things on the floor, she told me that I could pick out my very own lunch food. Yummy! Usually she picks it for me so this was a special day for sure! Although, Mommy did say something about me putting back all that I had taken out, but whatever, that's her job!
Fritz...signing off.


Christina Lowry said...

Fritz, it looks like you are having fun! I hope mummy and daddy had fun too while you were with your grantparents. You are looking very summery, running around in your nappy! Cohen says to say Hi. It is getting cold here at night and Cohen is rugged up in his sleeping bag, mittens and blankies. I think he might be a bit jealous of you. :)

..... Carmen said...

What a cutie :) He has that look on his face that he's been caught in the act and not sure how you'll react ;)

Maria Rose said...

Was it hard for your parents to give him back?

Robin said...

M.R. Yes! They called the next day at 8am to say they missed him and wanted him back!

blueyedprincezz said...

My nephew is the cutest little man in the world! He needs to come stay with his auntie! Love ya Fritz


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