Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Giveaway Winner

Hi all! Mommy said that I was to pick who the winner was from her giveaway. I wasn't too sure what I was suppose to do, but picking anything sure sounded fun! Mommy wrote all the names down and put them into a hat. She told me to pick one out, but I thought to myself "One! Heck no!" so I picked out four instead...

She then put the four that I had picked out back into the hat (minus the ones that my fingers did not touch of course) for me to pick one again. This time I only picked out two. Mommy wasn't sure if I would be willing to pick out of the hat again with just the two, but sure, why not?!

This is me (above) trying to eat the wining card. Mommy told me that I needed to tell her who won before I could finish with my before bedtime snack.

And finally.... the winner is..... wait for it, wait for it.... Shellyfish! Ok, Shellyfish you won, so now you need to email my Mommy ( to tell her what scarf you like the best and she will be happy to send it to you! And thanks to all who entered but did not win! I am also to tell that group to not worry as Mommy will have another giveaway sometime down the road.
Bye for now!
Fritz... signing off.


..... Carmen said...

He's just getting cuter and cuter :) Congrats Shel!

Maria Rose said...

Congrats to Shellyfish!

Christina Lowry said...

Even though I didn't win... :(
It was great to see such a cutie pie picking the winner! Thanks Fritz! :)

Anonymous said...

Wee! OMD, could Fritz be any cuter? And I'm not just saying that because he picked me!!! I'm so behind on blog reading, and was planning on catching up glad I got caught up on yours today!
Thank you, Fritz!


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