Monday, June 22, 2009

A Tiny Smell

Call me crazy... A few days ago I got a whiff of something delicious. Not food cooking on the stove nor a sweet perfume, but a silent sent of fall.

I'm not ready to meet this Autumn year yet, but catching the smell of fall was a nice surprise mixed in with the blooming of flowers and light Summer rains. I love fall. It is such a wondrous time to see the world getting ready for the cold days around the corner.

The colors of changing leaves slowly floating down to the Earth's floor while walking along one of my most favorite streets here that is lined with glorious old maples. My Grandparents house was located on one of these streets. I remember fondly a few times of raking all of the leaves into that huge pile to jump and play, or to simply just sit still on their cement walkway, staring up into the aged trees. Peering through the different colors to find the sky. Although that house is no longer in our family, those treasured memories are sure to stay.


Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, fall is my favorite season. I am anxiously awaiting fall, but mostly because it's baby time.

Monica said...

You are crazy to think of fall on the first full day of summer!!

..... Carmen said...

I love your new page! Fall is my favorite season too. I'm just not ready for it yet - still too much summer to enjoy!


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