Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Smell of Wonder

We have one beautiful lilac bush in our yard. It use to be much bigger, but we had to cut some of it down to make room for a small addition to our house. When I sit at my computer if the wind is blowing, I can see it sway with the breeze. And when we have the window open the sweet smell drifts inside. Purple lilacs are my favorite and I have never taken pictures of them before, so yesterday I wanted to capture them in different times of the day.
First... early afternoon.

Second... start of sunset.

Third... Last bits of daylight.

I love the last one the best when the sky was actually a bit hazy with its own purple color. I have dreams to get all printed and framed. Did I mention I love lilacs??


Maria Rose said...

I love lilacs. I wish that they lasted year round. That smell can't be beat.

..... Carmen said...

Beautiful! Just seeing the photos I can almost smell them through the computer :)

Lisa said...

Very pretty. The last picture is great. I need some nice vibrant flowers around here.

Sassy Scribbles said...

you've got one cool place to live in! fresh flowers are very relaxing, especially that it's lilacs. Beautiful, I would've loved to smell them too though!


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