Monday, June 1, 2009

Instead of...

...taking our usual hike/walks around town this past weekend, with it being so very hot outside we decided to go for a drive down the Gallatin Canyon. It is the closest road that will take us to Yellowstone Park (about an hour drive from our home) which we plan to do this summer, but we only went less than half way to Big Sky. We wanted to check out the river flow and see how high the water was above the famous "House Rock". This river is a rafter or a kayakers dream as the spring run off can leave the river extremely swift and dangerous. I have floated it many times in my earlier years and passing by House Rock and its awesome rapids can either be fun or boring! All of course, depending on the water.
This picture is of some rock cliffs high above House Rock. Every time I see them they look different to me and depending on the weather they can be scary or beautiful. In the warming sun with shadows of the trees I can just imagine secret caves and creatures roaming around. At times I have seen them at dusk where the darkness looms above and makes the cliffs jump out and appear to be ready to fall at any given moment.

This is House Rock. I am not sure where or when the name came from but I think it is called this just because the rock is enormous! Of course a picture will never do justice for something seen without a camera lens, but take my word for it. When you are coming fast towards this rock trying to make sure your boat is going to clear it and be on the correct side to get you out safely, you may think "Aw, that itty-bitty thing?" but once you are closer, and then closer, I think most say a few cuss words.
What is most amazing to me about this rock is the fact that it has been there in that same spot for so long. Did the fur-trappers and discovery people of long ago happen across it? And with the continuous beating of water has it gotten smaller in size over the many, many years?

Ahh, ice cream. 'Nuff said.

In the small resort town where we ate our yummy goodness, we took a small look around the town to see some of the houses that were newly built. One of the reasons I love living in the town that I do is partly because of the architecture. We do have the subdivisions where house after house appear to be the same shape and size, but for the most part we take on a strange future western theme. A lot of the newer houses around town look like the ones below. I love them as they all have their own uniqueness and character but blend so well together. The bad part about these ones? They are just smaller condos but start above 500K! Yep, the price of living near famous people, I guess.


Anonymous said...

It sure is beautiful where you are!

Maria Rose said...

Good thing the economy is so good in MT that most people can afford $500k for a condo...oh wait.

Sassy Scribbles said...

beautiful post and photos!

Lisa said...

Cool buildings. Variety is good...of course for those prices I wouldn't be doing any variety. Yesh!


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