Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Ice Cream Hog

Mommy and Daddy took me on a little drive yesterday to see how high the Gallatin river was flowing (Mommy says to tell you all that she will show pictures of our adventure on her post tomorrow) and then to go get ice cream! Daddy knew of this neat little shop up in Big Sky, MT that he use to go to when he would be sent up there for work. I have never been there before, well I guess kind of. Last year at almost the same week as this year, when I was still in Mommy's tummy, her an Daddy did the same trip to see how high the water was flowing. I guess they do it every year?

Anyway... So here is my first taste of ice cream. Actually that is a lie. Daddy has given me some before, but sshh... we aren't suppose to tell Mommy 'cause she doesn't know! Daddy had an ice cream that was very tasty. It was huckleberry flavored and had actual huckleberries in it! Mommy had a boring kind - plain vanilla. Yuck! I tried it but it wasn't as good. Luckily I never got a tummy ache like Mommy thought I might. She sometimes does from ice cream and wasn't sure if I would end up pooping my diaper all the way home.

Can you see my purple mouth? I am going to try and convince Mommy to take me back tomorrow to get some more of that yummy stuff. But, hmmm... I think I am suppose to play all day tomorrow?
Fritz signing off....
P.S. If you are ever in Big Sky, stop and get the Huckleberry ice cream, it's the best!


Annie said...

Such cute photos of the little one! I noticed in Maria's blog that you like eggplant lasagna. I just put a delicious recipe in my blog (but it's not vegan, just vegetarian).

Maria Rose said...

What a cutie. Do I say that every week? I just really mean it.


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