Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Add To The Obsession

I received in the mail a week ago, a flyer stating that the annual "Oops" sale was being held at a local handmade pottery shop that the Hubs and I love. We have been there before and started a collection a couple of years ago, but their pieces can be quite expensive so we only add a few here and there. This was the second year that we have decided to go for the specific sale that they only have once a year. In this sale is either broken pieces or things that they don't want to sell anymore (colors of glaze that they no longer use or a certain pottery pattern). Sometimes you can find really great kitchen pieces for cheap this way, but of course you have to go on a treasure hunt to find the perfect ones. The first picture below are the great pieces that we came away with yesterday. I wanted to buy much more but stopped myself before I got too crazy!

Here are some of the other pieces in our collection. The middle tall jar was from the oops sale last year. The cup and bowls were regular priced items that we purchased a couple of years ago. Not pictured are the other two sets of cups and bowls. They are all different in their design and color. The two not pictured are a red/slate gray set and a red/tan set. Someday we want to complete the set with plates or a full kitchen set (kitchen set-they sell the containers for flour, sugar and misc things like ladles or trivets) but each plate can cost somewhere around 20 to 30 US dollars. The eight piece cup and bowl set was a Christmas present to ourselves from some money that we had received from family, and although two of the pieces were commissioned from our own design, it still cost well over a hundred dollars. How is it that I end up collecting things that are so darn expensive??

Anther piece that we got cheap in an oops sale. The color is my favorite part as it is a very beautiful dark sage earthy green. I have always wanted to put a bunch of bright colored flowers in it, but never have yet! Maybe I will need to cut the pretty yellow tulips that I spotted growing in my back yard.

If we do move this coming fall, I am sure that we will have to put on our recurring calendars to come back every year for the awesome sale!


..... Carmen said...

Those pottery pieces are beautiful! I can understand why you keep going back for more!

Maria Rose said...

OOO, I love the idea of an oops sale! You got some great finds.


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