Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simple & Nice

It was such a lovely evening last night that I didn't want to spend too much time making a grand dinner. The Hubs and I both love caesar salad so we thought that would be a nice treat to eat! I made some olive oil and garlic crostinis and busted out a nice Gewurztraminer to tone down the spicier caeser dressing that we had. I really wanted to complement this dinner with this organic Chardonnay (Bonterra) that I am currently in love with, but didn't have a bottle on hand. The "gavurtz" is more suited for spicier foods (think curry) but it did nicely enough.

And tonight we are going simple again. Barbecue and beer. Tasty!!!


Christina Lowry said...

A BBQ with beer is a very Aussie tradition! In summer there are BBQs at different peoples house nearly every Saturday and Sunday!

PS. My tip is to clean the BBQ plate with some beer before you start cooking. I don't know why, but that is what we do here! :)

Lisa said...

Nice and simple looks good to me.
I love some me some Gewurztraminer.

..... Carmen said...

I was thinking of BBQ'ing tonight too. Must be a sign summer is surely around the corner :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely evening indeed!

Maria Rose said...

I love light simple meals in the summer. They are always just right!


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