Monday, May 18, 2009

The Color of Green

It's here! Spring can be seen everywhere! The Hubs had to stay in town today for some appointments, so Fritz and I decided to take advantage of an extra day with him home and go for another nature walk. We took the trail that we found a week ago, and man what a difference! Not all of the trees had their leaves yet, but most did.
It was such a perfect few hours. The day was quite warm, the sun blaring brightly and the sweet song of birds and rustling leaves in a breeze could be heard without the noise of town. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place where nature is so close to us. We could be in the mountains within ten minutes and ten minutes to this new found lovely trail. There are more awesome trails around here for hiking or leisurely walks, and I plan to have us together as a family for a few more in the coming months before we move (still planning to) to the Eastern part of Montana. Eastern Montana is not as pretty but is in its own way. With vast plains of rolling hills or flat lands, Eastern Montana has a different beauty from the mountain ranges that we are use to being closer to the Rockies. It will be different to look out a window and not see peaks peeking back at me. But I truly believe that no matter where you live, if you just look closely, anything can have a sparkle of delight.
Here are a few pics from the beautiful day we had.

Pretty leaves.
Spotting a wildflower.

Late evening thunderstorm.

After the storm sunset.


Maria Rose said...

What a beautiful day. I love spring in Montana, nothing beats it!

Lisa said...

Nice pictures! I love warm spring day! Glad you took advantage of the day! Hope there are many more to come.


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