Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea for Two and Pretty Rocks for One

The weekend spent at my hometown was long, tiring, and good! The garage sale was a success and when I went out to look at some of the other places that were selling there treasures, I discovered these lovely tea cups. I have always been in love with these delicate services and wish that we would still take tea in them nowadays! I have passed by them in antique shops and seem them at other sales but since I already have a ton of different kinds of collections, I have passed on purchasing them. But when I saw these two I gave in!!
When I showed my father my awesome find, he informed me that my late Grandmother Mary use to collect tea cups and saucers as well. He told me that he thinks he has her collection somewhere in storage and that I could have them when I have more room to make a formal display out of them.
Also my other late Grandmother Dorothy, had beautiful tea cups as well. My Grandfather still has them so I can still peer at them behind the protective glass cabinet and appreciate the interesting beauty that all of her collection has.

My first official Mother's Day was very special! Fritz (well, his Daddy) made me a cute little hand-made card and bought me some turquoise jewelry. I got a lovely necklace of the beautiful green stone mixed in with a different kind of stone that I have to drag out my geology books to figure out what kind it is. I also got turquoise earrings and a pretty pair of lace-agate and sterling silver earrings. The turquoise set matches perfectly the bracelet that I had bought at one of the sales. Now I have a matching set! Of course I will not be able to wear the necklace for awhile yet...Fritz and his little fingers are still a little too grabby for my liking, but the earrings are small enough that I can wear them anytime now!
Thanks to Fritz and his Daddy for making a lovely day for my first Mother's Day! Love you two!


..... Carmen said...

I love tea cups too - I have one set from each of my grandmothers, as well as my husbands. I still need a better display for them too though. Glad you had a great first Mom's Day and your necklace is beautiful!

Maria Rose said...

Time for a tea party!


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